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, harry reid said he may go partisan if he can't get a bill through. he told abc that lawmakers can learn a lot. >> one thing that kennedy had, he could bring together all of the base groups of the democratic party. they wouldn't take him on once he made up his mind. >> reporter: but kennedy had something others didn't have. he could afford to wait and didn't have to worry about a tax from the left. that is something earned over a 40-year career. >> kennedy had the knowledge and could make the compromises. he knew some would be unhappy, but he knew they would back him. >> so far there is a lot of talk from both sides but no action. next up on the health care reform side, the gang of six, the bipartisan group and others have a meeting. >>> did you see it? a record set in mexico ty. they gave its participants something new. >> oh brings back memories, doesn't it? michael jackson's birthday gave them the occasion. more than 13,000 fans doing the thriller dance. but it was practiced. they had top designer as well working on the performance. michael jackson would have turned 51 yesterday. >> i
to harry reid tonight. they have to vote to throw another $2 billion at the program. it has run through the original $1 billion. put wn the phone. that's the message from transportation secretary ray lahood. he says if it was up to him, texting and driving would be altogether. laura evans with the edge on what he plans to do. >> he won't out right ban it not on his own but he is going to convene a summit involving everyone from transportation officials to law enforcement types to congressman to find out what to do about distracted drivers on their cell phones. new evidence shows texting while iving increases your risk of a crash exponentially. one study he found it's more dangerous than drinking and driving and linked to deadly train wrecks like this one in california. >> we know texting while driving is dangerous. i promise you we will do something bit. >> how to enforce it but to have that law around i think would help to detour people from doing it. >> i don't know. a nationwide ban, i don't know if that is appropriate but it should not be allowed. >> the governor's highway safety as
already ran through the original $1 billion. senate majority leader harry reid says the bill to spend $2 billion more on the program will likely pass the senate before friday. the house has already approved that bill to allow the extra funding. >>> iran onian officials are deciding whether to charge three americans with spying. friends claim the trio was simply hiking to a filmous water fall in iraq when they accidentally crossed the unmarked border with iran. secretary of state hillary clinton has call for their release. >>> the panel that investigated the virginia tech miscare will not take another look at the case. governor tim kaine received dozens of letters from survivors an victim' families asking the panel to come together again but on monday, the governor informed them that edmonton not reconvene the panel. their request followed the discovery of the gunman's medical records last month. kaine says there are still many families who do not want to reopen the case. he says that he will accept any factual corrections that need to be made to the panel's initial report. >>> a local ho
for a simple majority. after the week, harry reid said if he can't get a bipartisan bill through, he'll go partisan. rub orrin hatch tells abc that lawmaker can learn a lot from kennedy. >> he could bring together all of the base groups of the democratic party. they wouldn't take him on once he made up his mind. >> reporter: but kennedy had something that most members some the senate don't have. he could afford to wait. he didn't have to worry about attacks from e left. >> ted kennedy had at built and the knowledge to get into a political situation and make the compromises and he knew that there might be some people who might be unhappy with this one or that one but no one was going to say ted kennedy sold us out for no good reason. >> reporter: there is a lot of talk about compromise from both side but no action. next up, the gang of six, the bipartisan group in the senate finance committee. they have a conference call this freeway. caroline shively, fox news. >>> ahead, one f the signs of aging is getting wrirchg alts. at some point, we all have on deal wh wrinkles. there could be a solu
cain mentioning that just this past sunday. also senate majority leader harry reid from the democrats saying that democrats will rededicate to the causes for which he so duetfully dedicated his life. back to you. >> thank you so much. >>> tucker is back with another check on our forecast. yesterday warmed up but the huge was low which made it tolerable. >> tolerable? it was beautiful. >> tolerable is not a bad word. >> it indicates that maybe it was less than perfect. i would say it was pretty close to perfected. >> i to agree.ldu eav age. . enjoyed beng iousi det d >>ay esl tolerable. we'll be in the low 90s this afternoon. we wllwi denlith wiheat heat around here a little later this afternoon. 72-degree at reagan national and -- 72 degrees at reagan national and 70 at dulles and up in baltimore. 66 in frederick and 69 in winchester. beautiful start to the day. should be awe nice, sunny, bright day today. we'll just be dealing with more heat. a very quiet satellite-radar. not a lot happening. cold front off to the north and west. it is really a weak one. by the time it gets in here, in wi
of cash tomorrow. senate majority leader harry reid says democrats have enough votes to assure the measure. the obama administration says the money will fund an additional 500,000 new car sales. the house passed the bill last week. >>> a ground and air search is over now in arlington. police got a call about a car break-in just before 4:00 this morning. when officers arrived five people jumped out of one car. they headed toward arlington national cemetery. cops caught one of them. four others were detain add short time later. -- detained a short time later. all of the suspects are minor. >>> not something you would expect to see just walking down the street in a city. a d.c. woman snapped this photo of a copper head snake. we'll show you that photo in just a little bit. oh, it's behind me. moments after it bit her. there it is. while walking her dog. >> here's the kicker to this story. it's not the only snake attack that people are reporting in this neighborhood. john henrehan has the details of snakes in the city. >> reporter: last wednesday evening angela bradford was walking her dog in
senator harry reid is calling detisnation discrimination. in reno, nevada, claudia cowen, fox news. >>> a warning tonight about a new computer threat making its way across the web. it is a computer worm caused clampy. it targets online financial transactions. the worm tries to steal user names and passwords for personal accounts which it uses to attack banks and companies that sell prowcts line. though claspi is not a new threat the virus appears to be gaining strength. 4500 web sites and hundreds of thousands of computers in 70 countries have been affected. you should know that most anti- virus programs can block the virus. >>> is being sued for deleting ebooks from its customers. the company remotely removed copies of the george orwell novel "1984" and "animal farm" after finding out they were pirated. amazon automatically issued refunds, but the lawsuit claims amazon never told its customer its had the able or right to delete ebooks. >>> sticking with computers now, google users have access to tons of information with just a few keywords and a click of a mouse. what w
. it will probably be a watered down version. the biggest question is whether nancy pelosi and harry reid can convince any of the counterparts on the other side to vote with them. >> we'll continue to hear another town hall meeting with the president today in new hampshire. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >>> it's a specially difficult time to be out of work and fox 5 is looking to help you find brand new opportunities. our job of the day coming up next after the day. >>> so you ask my opinion, i'll tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channeling my husband. >> secretary clinton's outburst just a matter of misunderstanding. more on that question that set her off. still ahead. explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fi tv, intert and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... i gotta cut my nai. (announcer) now get threamazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only... for the first 6 months. it all adds up to one incredible deal from fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8